Apple Evolves …

 Can someone answer please ,How come apple are being lampooned for being good at business, and their advertising strategies? They make technology simple for the average person. That is their strength. You do not need to be geeky or tech – savvy to use an apple product. Their strength lies in conveying the simplicity of the way their products work. This is what the public like and appreciate. As an owner of an online store that sells iPhone 4 cases and iPad cases, I am close to the public and their feel and love for their apple products …. Until other companies can compete with apples’ marketing strategies, Apple will always continue to be the market leader … They know and understand their customers so much better than anyone else … and of course their products look good and are easy to use, and their functions are all relative to the customer’s needs. Trust me … Mr and Mrs average Joe Public, don’t care about Flash etc … they just want their mobile tech to work. And be simple to use. Period !!! .. And, Now with a price drop too the iPad has longevity and one cannot  wait to see the iPad 2‘s arrival and the scramble that the public will undoubtedly be waiting for, long in the queue for it’s imminent arrival …. Apple are the market leaders still for more than one reason… Did we mention the iPhone 5 yet ??? Please check our store at for all latest cases, covers and accessories for your mobile technology.


Customer Demands More !!!

The new store for SmartPhone Cases and accessories, stuffz; has announced the inclusion of new cases for a variety of the latest smartphones. As indicated by Uswitch recently, UK based customers seem to be switching their attention to the increasingly popular android handests, offerred by HTC, Blackberry and Samsung.

 A customer spokesman for stuffz suggested that they were…’ primarily still a supplier for iPhone 4 cases and for iPad cases ‘ …. but had now revised their target for end-user groups of potential shoppers, by including the latest cases, covers and accessories for brands such as HTC, Samsung as well as Blackberry. The market for modern phones known as smartphones shows no signs of abaiting, and this sector of the market continues to increase in size as the mobile technology becomes better and more sophisticated. The increase in the number of apps available too, increases, across all the brands. The modern consumer, with their thirst for information, games and functionality, yearns for more with each new upgrade of smartphone technology.

 Many adverts on traditional television as well as satellite channels, will often these days include marketing for their individual apps. Indeed some are brand specific, which can give certain brands of smartphone a leading edge. Apple are still leaders here with Tesco’s being the latest retailer to attach themselves to apple brand, with their new advertising campaigns.

 However the market is also driven by costs, and customer budgets, as many network providers are able to supply free handsets at low monthly costs. This is one sector of the market where HTC seems to currently be leading the way.

 Markets change quickly but stuffz, does intend to be caught cold in this current buying climate, and as from early March, will now be supplying cases and accessories from HTC , Samsung and Blackberry.

 stuffz too will be among the first stockists for iPad 2 cases and accessories and will also include Samsung Galaxy cases and accessories too from Mid-March. Visit the store here to see their full range.

Changes in the UK SmartPhone Market … Should Apple be worried?


As an owner of  a new online store in the UK, it is with great importance I read a report this week that was taken from Uswitch … the apple iPhone 4 has slipped to number 6 in the nation’s list of favourite smartphones. Previously it had been at number 3 … so a slippage of 3 places.  Currently USwitch have estimated that because of high monthly tariffs from apple and it’s network providers, that free smartphones are being given away and beaten by over 800,00 deals.

 The website’s new mobile tracker, which ranks the top handsets based on live searches and sales, showed HTC dominating the top three spots with HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD and HTC Wlidfire.

The tracker also showed Android-operated handsets were a consumer favourite in the mobile market.

Half of the most popular mobiles are now running on the Google-owned operating system.

… and with the Android’s success and ability to integrate unique functions between smartphones, could this be a significant change in our mobile technologies and the future.

Nothing ever stays still that is for sure….. not in todays market ….

A free handset is a much more attractive proposition than shelling out for one  that can cost well over 500 pounds ,a nd then you may have to pay your insurance and network fees after this.

In darkly austere times, with the global recession still vigorously wagging it’s annoying tail, is it any wonder that it is the consumer that is telling us what they want? and not the established entities, or owners / advertising gurus in the pristine chapels of the adverts industry.

Interestingly still; the Blackberry Curve moved up to fourth place with enticing pre-pay deals and free handset offers nudging the apple iPhone 4  further down the list, and even the Samsung Galaxy S arriving in fifth.

uSwitch’s Top 10 Handsets:

1. HTC Desire (pictured).

2. HTC Desire HD.

3. HTC Wildfire.

4. Blackberry Curve 8520.

5. Samsung Galaxy S.

6. Apple iPhone 4 (16Gb).

7. Motorola DEFY.

8. Sony Ericsson S500i.

9. Samsung G800.

10. Samsung i600.

(Courtesy of

What isn’t clear is, is this just a small blip? or is this the  march of the androids and another change in our increasingly interesting and savvy tech world, where the industry chiefs are having to watch from all sides now … and not just at the high hills of San Francisco. I for one am keeping very close eyes and ears and anything else on this … and my new orders from China, are arriving next week with HTC cases and BlackBerry cases, just in case, my reliance on iPhone 4 cases and iPad cases has been ill-conceived.



Premium and Exclusive Ranges for your iPhone 4 Case.


At stuffz we aim to bring you the latest and most innovative products in the market for your mobile technologies and their accessories.From Covers and iPhone 4 cases for your iPhone  or an  iPad case … To touch pens, touch gloves and screenguards and more…..We are trawling through the latest designs and coolest accessories for your gizmos and gadgets. We are visiting trade shows across the world and aim to bring to market our own and other intuitive company’s outstanding designs and peripherals for you to use and accessorize with your mobile tech.We aim to all always promote an eco-friendly approach to all that we do, not because it’s cool but because we should.

 Our prices will always be competitive and our ranges will be premium with a design led influence. So what are you waiting for?

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The stuffz Team

New Online Store that sells iPhone 4 cases and iPad cases.


stuffz is a new and exciting online store that specialises in the sale of iPhone 4 Cases and iPad Cases and covers. stuffz promises to keep prices small by purchasing direct from the manufacturer and selling direct to the consumer. It’s vibrant and design-led approach is eye-catching in  this very competitive world of mobile technology casing and housing. stuffz seeks to source unique and fashionable designs to compliment your fashionable gadget

As well as executive looks and trendy designs stuffz also sells screenguards that help to protect the surface of your touch screen and touch pens that allow the user to interface with the screen without direct contact with your fingers. There are iPhone stands and silicone game holders called iGame that allow the user to hold their iPhone as if it were a joystick. Another accessory line are Urbanears, a unique line in headphones  and earphones from Sweden. The site also has free delivery for everything and same day dispatch too . stuffz really is a fantastic site that is very easy to navigate, a very simple ordering process and prides itself on customer loyalty and a no quibble returns policy.